VoteVision Broadcast Election Mapping

VoteVision Broadcast Election Mapping

Client:  SpatiaLogic, CNN
Tools:  .NET, VisualBasic, MapObjects, SQL Server

ViewPoint Geography teamed with SpatiaLogic to produce VoteVision, a custom, real-time mapping system used by CNN on election nights. VoteVision retrieves the latest vote results every 15 seconds and enables CNN to spot geographic trends and explain spatial complexities of voting patterns as election night unfolds.

The maps are displayed on TV as the centerpiece of an analyst's discussion. This application was used during the November 2002 and November 2004 US elections and the October 2003 California governor recall election.

Here are some highlights from these broadcasts:

Presidential election November 2004. Stuart Rothenberg compares election night voting trends in Florida to the 2000 election.
Presidential election November 2004. Jeff Greenfield looks at implications of voting trends in Missouri.
Super Tuesday presidential primary election March 2004. Jeff Greenfield analyzes the effect of high unemployment on the voting patterns in Ohio.
California governor recall election October 2003. Jeff Greenfield compares the intensity of the votes in different counties.
Mid-term election November 2002. A time-lapse movie created from VoteVision snapshots showing the incoming 2002 House votes over a 10-hour period.