Multimedia Educational Website

Multimedia Educational Website

Client:  Save The Redwoods League
Tools:  JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Flash

An important mission for Save The Redwoods League is to foster a greater understanding of the redwood and sequoia forests. Towards this end, they maintain an education website filled with information aimed at both kids and adults.

The Interactive Fact Finder, designed and built by VG, is the latest addition to this website. The interactive module includes hundreds of redwood and sequoia forest facts, photos, audio clips, and resource links that are accessible through a fun and easy-to-use interface. The facts are divided into six categories. Moving over a category label randomly displays one of the many facts associated with the category.

The fact finder module is fully database-driven. An administrator page allows the League staff to easily maintain the fact finder. New facts are continually being added.

The module is built with JavaScript and jQuery, with PHP and MySQL handling the database interactions. A custom-built audio player is built with Flash.

Interactive Fact Finder home page with Coast Redwoods highlighted.

Facts display showing description, photo, and audio clip.

Facts display for Upper Canopy category with description and photo.

Resources listing.