Multimedia Storytelling Booth

Multimedia Storytelling Booth

Client:  Open'hood
Tools:  JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Flash, Red5 Media Server

"The Waiting Room" is an award-winning documentary where patients and staff in a hospital waiting room talk about their circumstances, feelings, and concerns. To continue collecting these types of stories, the film's director Peter Nicks created a non-profit organization, Open'hood, to work with the hospital in the film as well as other hospitals around the country. VG collaborated with Open'hood to design and build a multimedia storytelling kiosk where waiting room visitors and staff can tell their stories.

The automated, touchscreen kiosk allows a person to take a photo, record a video, record an audio message, or write a text message. Before recording their story, the person chooses a general topic from a list (or enters a new topic). The topic and other information about the interaction are stored in a database. With the video and audio recordings, the user can playback their recording and re-record if desired.

The kiosk application also includes a gallery where visitors can browser previously recorded stories and photos (that are marked for display in the gallery). An administrator module allows the kiosk manager to review stories and manage the gallery. Photos, video, audio, and text can be added or removed from the gallery. The administration module also includes a reporting tool for generating reports about various usage statistics.

Another important aspect is being able to migrate selected stories in any format to the Open'hood storytelling website. Towards this end, the kiosk application automatically creates both full-quality and web-quality versions that are ready for use on the website.

The main application framework is built with HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP and the database is MySQL. The video and audio recording module is a custom-built Flash application that uses the open source Red5 Media Server to stream the recordings to a local file. A high-quality camera and microphone are integrated with the kiosk and Flash application.

The Waiting Room Website

Storytelling booth main screen.

Gallery main page.

Choose an issue or emotion.

Video recording in action.