Video Gallery Website

Video Gallery Website

Client:  HyperArts and Ubisoft
Tools:  JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, SOAP Web Service, Facebook XFBML

The Ubisoft and Propel Just Dance contest required a microsite to present the video entries to the world. Working with Ubisoft and HyperArts, VG lead the user interface and backend programming effort. The result was a successful and popular online home for this exciting contest.

A key challenge was integrating the stand-alone site with the existing Ubisoft back-end. It was crucial to detect a user’s Ubisoft UPlay username and password, which would be entered on the Registration page, in order to find their recently uploaded Just Create dance video in the Ubisoft UPlay database. This video would then be added to the microsite’s database, allowing it to appear in the video gallery.

To meet these goals VG designed a microsite-specific database that contains all of the data necessary to display the entries on the pages as well as link the entries to the Ubisoft UPlay account database. The microsite database is connected to the backend by a custom-designed SOAP web service. Ubisoft IT personnel use the web service to add new entries to the microsite database, update entries after a successful registration, and monitor activity on the microsite. Throughout the project VG worked closely with Ubisoft and HyperArts to ensure a smooth flow through all the steps with efficient and reliable data processing.

Other features of the microsite include using Facebook's JavaScript API to detect a click on the Like button and update the database for the specified video.

(Sample 9-Digit Code: 123420077)