Interactive Health Data Display

Interactive Health Data Display

Client:  Oxford Outcomes and County of Los Angeles
Tools:  JavaScript, jQuery, Raphael, PHP, MySQL

California Proposition 29, the Tobacco Tax for Cancer Research Act, on the 2012 presidential primary ballot seeks to increase the tax on cigarettes by one dollar. The County of Los Angeles Tobacco Control & Prevention Program together with Oxford Outcomes prepared a set of statistics showing the positive health effects that might be achieved with this additional tax. They needed a website to present the information in an easy-to-read and interactive format.

To achieve these goals, VG created a clean and simple website that clearly presents the important statewide numbers right up front and provides several different ways to drill down to county levels of the health information. Moving the mouse over a prominent map of California counties updates the tables to the specified county. Users can also type in a zipcode or choose a county from a picklist to update the tables. A button on the primary table allows for toggling between the primary table and a secondary table of additional information.

The site is built with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. The data compiled by Oxford Outcomes originated in a series of Excel spreadsheets. VG reformatted the data into a MySQL database for use on the website. The California map is built using the Raphael JavaScript library allowing for an interactive, cross-browser map. The county boundaries originated in a shapefile, which was converted to SVG and then translated into a simplified path format for use in Raphael.

Main interface with statewide table and map.

The secondary table with county data and highlighted map.