Mark Twain Autobiography Interactive Site

Mark Twain Autobiography Interactive Site

Client:  HyperArts and UC Press
Tools:  Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3, Flash Builder 4, XML

For the Mark Twain autobiography web site, from University of California Press, ViewPoint Geography created two interactive Flash/ActionScript modules that allow visitors to sift through materials from the 42 chapters. The first module presents the information in a scrolling "timeline view" with each of the chapters in chronological order.

Mark Twain actually wrote his autobiography in a non-chronological order, so the "autobiography view" displays the 42 chapters in the order Mark Twain intended. Here each chapter is represented by a circular photo that floats through the screen. The photos change size and position randomly. Each photo can be moved around the screen and the whole set can be scrolled up or down.

Clicking on a photo in both the timeline and autobiography views displays a detail page. The detail pages include a full size photo, descriptive text, and some contain audio or video. ViewPoint Geography built the audio and video players as stand-alone SWF files that can easily be used with any MP3 or FLV/F4V file.

ViewPoint Geography worked closely with HyperArts and UC Press to implement the design specifications and meet a tight deadline.

Section of the autobiography page.

Section of the timeline page.