Campaign Data Display

Campaign Data Display

Client:  SpatiaLogic, First Contact
Tools:  Flex, ActionScript, ArcGIS Server, .NET, SQL Server

First Contact provides technical expertise in managing election campaigns. They increased the value of their web-based system by adding an interactive mapping module. The map viewer allows users to easily view thematic maps of the voters as a means of targeting campaign events. Specific voter data can be displayed by clicking on a voter icon.

The framework uniquely ties together several technologies to create a powerful, flexible, and scalable web application. A .NET C# application is the host platform. The user interface is built with Flex and the ArcGIS Flex API. The maps and spatial processing are provided by ArcGIS Server. Microsoft Bing street and aerial tiles serve up the basemap. Custom layers, such as precinct boundaries and voter locations, are pulled from a SDE/SQL Server database.

The site handles data for all of Canada and can rapidly display over 10,000 points in a view. A streamlined processing design keeps moves the data rapidly from the database to the map.

An adiministrator module, accessed through the map viewer, provides a simple method for non-GIS experts to create and manage the thematic maps available to users. Maps can be created for any variable in the database.

Another important feature is the ability of users to customize their data reports by creating their own neighborhood boundaries by drawing on the map. After creating a neighborhood, the application finds the voters within the boundary and updates the backend database.

Sample thematic map showing voter households.

Adding a new neighborhood boundary.

Completed neighborhood boundary.