Nationwide Data Mapping By District

Nationwide Data Mapping By District

Client:  SpatiaLogic, NCC
Tools:  Flex, ActionScript, UMap, .NET, SQL Server, KML

This custom web mapping system is designed for speedy access to cable system data anywhere in the US. A streamlined user interface guides you to the desired map where data can be reviewed and printed to an image file or PDF. ViewPoint Geography built the initial application in 2009 and phase 2 and phase 3 features were added in 2010.

The system is built on a .NET C# platform and integrates several different components. The user interface and primary processing modules are housed in a Flex project utilizing UMap for the map engine. The district and cable system data is stored in a SQL Server database. Custom .NET web services handle the data transactions between the Flex module and SQL Server. Geographic data is stored in KML files that are loaded into the application using an "on demand" design for the best performance.

Cable system boundaries are built from underlying ZIP Codes. A server-based geographic maintenance utility uses SQL Server 2008 spatial functions to automatically create new cable system boundaries when there is a change in the underlying ZIP Codes. The utility exports a KML file and the mapping system reflects the new boundaries immediately.

Overview of the Smart Map components designed and built by ViewPoint Geography.