Environmental Interactive Google Map

Environmental Interactive Google Map

Client:  Save The Redwoods League
Tools:  JavaScript, jQuery, Google Maps API, PHP, MySQL

Save The Redwoods League is a 90-year old non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the redwood forests of Northern California. ViewPoint Geography designed and built an interactive web site to promote their efforts in many parks across the state as well as provide an avenue for educating the public on environmental issues. The site debuted in 2009 and ViewPoint Geography continues to work with the League to add new features each year.

Recent additions include displaying nearby events for parks, an educational viewer -- with hundreds of photos, information and links, the ability to view Flickr photos linked to the League, and tweets from users about their favorite park.

The site is centered around a unique and engaging interactive web map built with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and the Google Maps API. Spatial data from the League such as park boundaries and points of interest are overlayed on the basemap. This geographic data is converted from shapefile format to KML for use in the website.

Data for the map such as park information, current events, point of interest descriptions, and educational data and photos are retrieved from a MySQL database. League staff can maintain the website data, including adding new parks, by simply updating the MySQL tables through a user-friendly, browser-based tool.

Initial view showing the four redwood zones.

Park view with popup window.

Park view with Flickr photo popup.