Historic Resources Survey Map and Database System   Page & Turnbull Historic Resources Survey Map and Database System
For a series of large historical resource surveys, ViewPoint Geography collaborated with Page & Turnbull to design and build a map and database system for field and office use. The unique application is centered around an Access application and includes a custom ArcPad module that is directly linked to the database.

RapidNotify Emergency Notification Web Tools   RapidNotify RapidNotify Emergency Notification Web Tools
RapidNotify is a leader in emergency notification services. ViewPoint Geography created custom selection tools and integrated ArcIMS into the existing system to provide an option of creating lists by using a map. A key requirement of the design was a simple interface so users could focus on their primary tasks.

Centralized Geodatabase System   Hotwire.com Centralized Geodatabase System
Hotwire's travel web site contains a constantly expanding list of hotels. ViewPoint Geography worked with Hotwire to design a new suite of tools to help automate the map image creation process as well as provide a centralized database tracking system. Featuring custom interfaces in both ArcView and Access, the system streamlined the interaction between three departments.

Environmental Management Website   Levine-Fricke Environmental Management Website
Levie-Fricke required a map interface for a website and ViewPoint Geography provided an ArcIMS solution for the .NET platform. Integrated with other search options on the page, the interactive map allows managers to quickly navigate the facility of interest. The map search allows six different filtering options and the facilities in the current map view are listed in a table.

Environmental Management Virtual Reality Tours   e2M Environmental Management Virtual Reality Tours
The Tennessee Army National Guard uses 'virtual realty tour' Quicktime movies in the management of its facilities. ViewPoint Geography developed an ArcIMS website that provides an efficient way for managers to navigate through the facilities and view the movies. Administrators can add and delete movies through the website.

Environmental Field Survey   e2M Environmental Field Survey
ViewPoint Geography designed a custom ArcPad module for the Fort Irwin Public Works Department that allows user in the field to effeciently collect environmental data and integrate it with the main database. Through the systematic collection of location data DPW is better prepared to spot trends and respond effectively to hazardous conditions.

Urban Forestry GIS   e2M Urban Forestry GIS
Environmental managers at the Army's Natick facility keep a close watch on the condition of its varied collection of trees in the mostly urban environment. To aid in the monitoring of the trees, ViewPoint Geography designed an ArcIMS website that allows managers to quickly view the most recent data on any tree. Satellite imagery offers additional information about the conditions.

Integrated Module Creating Map PDFs   Financial Company Integrated Module Creating Map PDFs
A financial company needed an automated method for creating PDF files of maps served on its web site. ViewPoint Geography created a DLL module that takes an input Access database file and produces a series of maps in PDF format. The source of the map boundaries are ESRI shapefiles which are preprocessed into a series of pixel coordinates for speedy creation of the PDF files.

Map Labeling Tool   Levine-Fricke
ArcView VBA tool for creating map labels from database records.

Water Management Mapping   Carollo Engineers
Series of ArcIMS web sites for client projects with specialized query and report tools.

ParkView GIS   East Bay Parks
ParkView, a MapObjects/VB6 application for non-GIS users to browse data and create maps.

Environmental Reporting   e2M
Arkansas Army National Guard environmental management web site using ArcIMS and ColdFusion.

Political District Locator Website   Tulsa World
MapObjects-based DLL used to power political district locator for newspaper website.

Park and Recreation Web Site   San Francisco Park Department
MapObjects-based public web site for access to park and recreation facility information.

DOit Goodwill Donation System   Goodwill
DOit, an Access application and MapObjects map component for donation tracking.

Web-Based Customer Management   MSG, Inc.
Web-based customer management application for newspaper advertising sales.

Site Analyst   TSI
A desktop application with single/multi-site options for location analysis. Extra features included a thematic mapping tool and reporting module.

Bank Reporting - Branch Analyzer   Attus Group
A desktop application providing banks with tools for the efficient creation of proximity analysis maps and reports. The report conformed to bank report specifications.

Vehicle Tracking System   SnapTrack, Inc.
Application providing tracking of vehicles through city streets using incoming GPS coordinates.

MakeMap   ABC
A custom AtlasGIS program, used to automatically produce hundreds of maps per day.

MapShot - Map Image Creator   Wirth Company
A custom AtlasGIS application that automatically converted maps to GIF files to support the King County crime web site.

High-Impact Maps   San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
High-impact maps created for the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival's summer brochure.

Digital Restaurant Guide   Digital Lantern
Map development consulting for an early-Internet San Francisco restaurant guide.