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Interactive Museum Exhibit Display
This touchscreen display, created by VG for the Oakland Museum's "Land Grab" permanent exhibit, allows visitors to explore a 19th century map of California and closely examine stunning images of historical maps. Simulating a light-table, images can be moved around the display.
Creekipedia: A Google Earth Web Application
Creekipedia is an educational Google Earth web application designed to promote understanding about the multiple, interconnected facets within the corridor of Stevens Creek. The application is designed so community groups can easily contribute map data and media.

Multimedia Storytelling Booth
In conjunction with the award-winning documentary "The Waiting Room", VG created an interactive kiosk to collect photos, videos, text, and audio recordings for an on-going storytelling project. An administrator module allows for review of all media and display of usage reports.
Multimedia Educational Website
Hundreds of redwood and sequoia forest facts, photos, audio clips, and resource links make up the Interactive Fact Finder designed and built by VG for the Save The Redwoods League's education website. Fully database-driven, league staff are able to continually update this exciting resource.

Interactive Health Data Display
This clean and simple website displays important data for a California proposition campaign. Through an interactive map and zipcode search, users can quickly view data relating to their local area. Built with a unique Raphael-based map, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.
Environmental Interactive Google Map
For Save The Redwoods League, VG designed an interactive web map to promote their conservation efforts. The site features an engaging educational viewer and user's Flickr photos and tweets. It is built with JavaScript, jQuery, Google Maps API, PHP, MySQL, and custom map layers in KML.

Environmental Education Interactive Kiosk
Visitors to the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge can explore nearby watersheds, creeks, and environmental impacts though an interactive Google Earth kiosk designed and built by VG. The kiosk features current and historical data layers with popups, a search tool, and creek tours.
Touch Screen Google Earth Exhibit
Oakland Museum's John Muir exhibit features a touch screen interactive Google Earth display designed and built by VGI. Through climbing tours, hiking paths, campsites, and Muir's sketches linked to the digital landscape, visitors are able to virtually explore the rugged Sierra mountains.

Video Gallery Website
A microsite for a Ubisoft/Propel Just Dance contest which features a video gallery page and video player page. Entries are uploaded by the creator and a custom-designed web service updates the database. Built with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, SOAP web service, and Facebook XFBML.
Mark Twain Autobiography Interactive Site
For the Mark Twain autobiography web site VG created two interactive Flash/ActionScript modules. Using a variety of tools, visitors can sift through materials from the 42 chapters including photos, audio, and video. VG also built the audio and video players.

Nationwide Data Mapping By District
This web mapping system is designed for speedy access to cable system data anywhere in the US and features a streamlined user interface to guide the user. Built on a .NET C# platform, it integrates several different components including Flex, UMap, SQL Server, and KML files.
Campaign Data Display
Campaign management interactive map module uniquely integrating several technologies including Flex, ArcGIS Server, .NET C#, SQL Server, and Bing road and aerial basemaps. The site handles data for all of Canada and rapidly displays over 10,000 points in a view.

SF Bay Area Ferry Schedules and Walkshed Google Map
For SF Bay Crossings, this website integrates Google Maps with Flash to create a rich, interactive experience. The site is part of an initiative to provide commuters with a single place to access ferry schedules for multiple vendors. An XML feed delivers the up-to-date schedule information.
TravelMuse Yaycations Calculator
TravelMuse's Yaycations Calculator is a multimedia, interactive tool helping users save vacation money. Built with Flash/ActionScript, the component collects user data then passes it to the backend for subsequent processing. VG designed subtle sounds to enliven the process.

SF MUNI Real-Time Subway Map
Working with NextBus and San Francisco MUNI, VG developed a state-of-the-art transit display system. The Flash-based application updates a diagram of the MUNI system with the real-time train locations. Commuters see arrival times and train symbols moving along the tracks.
VoteVision Broadcast Election Mapping
VoteVision is a custom, real-time mapping system used by CNN during election night coverage. VoteVision retrieves the latest vote results every 15 seconds and enables CNN to spot geographic trends and explain spatial complexities of voting patterns as an election night unfolds.

Voter Analysis Interactive Bing Map
In the Voter Analysis tool users create a query against an SQL Server database and review the resulting set of voters on a Microsoft Bing map and data grid. Individual voter data can be reviewed by clicking on the map. GeoRSS XML files are created on-the-fly for efficient display.
F Line Trolley Real-Time Map Display
To assist commuters in San Francisco's historic Ferry Building, VG created a real-time map showing the current locations of the F-Line trolley that runs just outside the doors. A Flash/ActionScript program pulls location data from an XML feed and updates the map.

Real-Time Transit Data Display
For the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, VG designed a display system to show real-time transit data on large monitors in transit stations. A custom Flash/ActionScript program retrieves current transit data from MTC's server, and formats an easy-to-read display.
Site Analysis Extension for ArcMap
This ArcMap extension, built using .NET C# and ArcObjects, manages the entire site analysis process for a renewable energy company. It features a wizard where the user defines a variety of parameters to use in the site analysis. Each site analysis can be recalled, modified, and rerun at any time.

ArcMap Extension For Emergency Repairs
The San Francisco Water emergency repairs system is a custom ArcMap extension used in the field. Through the map interface, users create 'sessions' that contain data (including text, photos, video, and audio) for a repair. A history of service can be quickly recalled at any time.