ViewPoint Geography
Digital Geographic Innovation

Real-Time Subway Map

A real-time display of San Francisco MUNI train locations and arrival times used by thousands of commuters every day. Located on all downtown platforms, the display has been running since 2008, 24/7, with zero maintenance.

Interactive Map Kiosk

Oakland Museum's John Muir exhibit features this immersive map experience. Through climbing tours, hiking paths, campsites, and Muir's sketches linked to the digital landscape, visitors are able to virtually explore the mountains with Muir.

Health Data Look Up

A clean and simple website to display important, complex data for a California proposition campaign. Through an interactive map and zipcode search, users can quickly view relevant data relating to their local area.

TV Broadcast Mapper

VoteVision is a custom, real-time mapping system used by CNN during election night coverage. Retrieving vote results every 15 seconds, the system enables CNN to spot spatial trends and explain voting patterns as an election night unfolds.

Environmental Kiosk

Visitors to the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge can explore nearby watersheds, creeks, and environmental impacts though an interactive map application. The kiosk features current and historical map data, a search tool, and "flying" creek tours.

Redwoods Park Finder

Created for Save The Redwoods League, this rich, interactive website promotes outdoor nature activities and educates the public on environmental issues. Visitors can locate redwood parks, plan trips, upload photos and share experiences.