Perspective is crucial to understanding our complex world today.

Digital geography combines data with location to reveal new patterns and relationships.

ViewPoint Geography offers innovative Web and desktop solutions for gaining real perspective.

Feature Maps

ViewPoint Geography builds reliable software that just works ... for years.

A real-time display of SF MUNI train locations and arrival times used by thousands of commuters every day. Located on all downtown platforms, the display has been running since 2008, 24/7, with zero maintenance.
A rich, interactive Google Maps website promoting the conservation efforts of the non-profit Save The Redwoods League. Initially launched in 2009 and VG is now in the seventh year of enhancements to this expanding resource.
Smart Map is a custom-designed system used daily by NCC (a cable TV ad firm) personnel across the US to create reports and maps. First brought online in 2009, VG has completed three additional rounds of new features.
TravelMuse's Yaycations Calculator is a multimedia app helping users save vacation money. An extensive XML file allows managers to change content. Fun and insightful, it has been online since 2009 with zero maintenance.